Press and Media

Press and Media

Arts Council England: Artist in – unexpected – residence on Isle of Wight (July 2016)

“Ryde Arts Festival returns on 24 June for ten days of art and music events and workshops, including an exhibition from an artist in residence in an allotment shed.

Isle of Wight artist Jo Hummel Newell was appointed as artist in residence for Ryde Arts as part of a wider project – GROW – to work with diverse community groups from her base on an allotment.

Supported by our National Lottery funded Grants for the Arts programme GROW is a 15 month project that has seen Ryde Arts Festival working with a range of local partners…”

Ryde Arts Festival: Arts Council helps Ryde GROW (March 2016)

“Ryde Arts Festival announces that we are the beneficiaries of an Arts Council grant to run our next major project called GROW.

The funding will cover an artist in a Ryde allotment shed working with diverse community groups and with musicians, composers, and poets all contributing towards nearly two years of exciting projects to explore, produce, and exhibit across a wide spectrum of the arts a celebration of growing, both practically and metaphorically.”